Lemonade Payments App

Revolutionises digital transactions with secure, privacy-centric services. We ensure safe payments, curbing harassment risks while offering diverse options for seamless transactions.

Lemonade Digital Wallet

Innovative white-labelled digital wallet solution that integrates with our clients systems. This means our clients can create and manage their own branded payments experiences.

Seemless Payments

Break the network chains. Unleash your financial power, one transaction at a time, on any network you call home.

Payments Revolutionised!

Lemonade Payments stands out as more than just a wallet; it represents Africa's pioneering payment revolution. Lemonade Payments has built the world's first blockchain-powered digital wallet and private payments app. The digital wallet is a white-labeled solution that plugs into our client's systems to offer their customers seamless payment solutions. Our payments revolutionises digital transactions with secure, privacy-centric services

  • Take back control of your data: Our platform puts you in the driver's seat, letting you decide what information you share and with whom, during every transaction.
  • Reignite your trust in digital payments: We rebuild trust one transaction at a time, guaranteeing the highest security standards and unwavering respect for your privacy.
  • Pay in peace, with absolute discretion: Our platform cloaks your identity, ensuring your private payments stay private, always.

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With over 13K customers on the Lemonade Payments App, 66% of our customers are female, 5 in 8 customers. We have over 57.8% active customers MoM, with an average 64.2% average value per user growth.